Doggy Spa Day 🐶

Greta, world-famous Supermodel extraordinaire, spent the morning at the groomer today. Our groomer limits appointments to under two hours, and only has a few dogs in the shop at once. It’s nice to work with a professional who displays empathy and passion for animals.

This is the last time I’ll take her to the groomer myself before I start my new job. After that, my other half will take her. It’ll be good bonding time for them.

I feel doggy-daddy guilty at the idea of leaving her alone all day while I’m at work. The separation anxiety is real—and I’m referring to me, of course.

She is a smart dog, though, and she knows her Daddy always comes home. It might break my heart the first few days (weeks, months) when I leave for work. I’ll be sure not to make a big deal out of leaving in the morning and to give her extra attention than normal (which is a lot) in the evening.

But I definitely don’t plan to look back at those cute, Bette Davis eyes as I walk out the door.

In related news, are dog nannies a thing?