iPhone X Marks the Spot


We were very lucky to get our iPhone Xs on November 3. This phone is amazing: quick; slick; and sick!

I’m still learning the features but I can report that the facial recognition is solid. I haven’t had a fail yet.

Also, the front-facing portrait mode (with new light modes) is spectacular. What a great and useful upgrade.

I’m already used to the missing home button. It’s so much easier to just swipe up for the home screen.

Many apps already support facial recognition, so that is a good sign.

I predict people will comment that it’s surprisingly smaller. But that’s because it’s all screen. I included pic here of the of old and new: X on the left and 7 on the right.

All killer, no filler.

Speaking of screen, I would recommend a case. These are expensive to replace. We bought Apple leather cases (Red for me), but I have seen many third-party cases that look fun and functional

The wireless charging is a great feature. We bought Belkin and a Mophie chargers. Both are great. The Belkin does offer a little more real estate, but the Mophie looks sleek and modern.

Wireless charging is handy by the nightstand. Overnight, I tapped the screen to see the time. It worked so well, I put my iHome alarm clock in the shelf.

Early review: this phone easily is the best iPhone ever.